Oválná zapékací keramická mísa De La Terre 18 x 30 cm

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Why Ceramic?

Having worked in the cookware industry for over 30 years and being avid home cooks, we were continuously saddened at lack of cookware products that could handle multi-step recipes. While there are a lot of high-end cookware options that offer quality and aesthetic… they all seem to lack the versatility you need to cook complex dishes. This forces you to constantly switch between different cooking products throughout a recipe – ultimately wasting time and just making more dirty dishes. When we realized this was an issue we had already solved on the grill with various direct flame grilling products, we sought to bring the same material inside but this time make it strong enough to handle all the indoor kitchen appliances.

After almost a year of product testing, we finally developed a proprietary high heat ceramic that provides all the benefits of traditional cast iron, such as even cooking, heat retention, and a classic look. While maintaining these high standards of quality, it is also less expensive, significantly lighter, and easier to care for. In addition, De La Terre is thermal shock resistant, freezer ready, and safe for the microwave.

De La Terre Vs. Cast Iron

• 43% lighter
• Heats up 4% faster
• Retains heat 19% longer.


Ask any chef: Searing is the key to locking in flavor when cooking protein. Unfortunately, that’s not possible with Pyrex or aluminum baking dishes which break or warp when put over a direct flame. With our new ceramic, you no longer need to sear meat in one pan before transferring to a baking dish to braise or slow roast in the oven. With De la Terre you can sear with confidence before moving directly to the oven, cutting out steps and streamlining the cooking process.

de la terre cookware

Save time in prep, clean up, and storage

Hassle-free Prep: Start your meal ahead of time by combining onion, tomato, seafood, and seasonings in a De La Terre roaster and place directly in the refrigerate. To complete dinner, simply add white wine, simmer on the stove, and bring a hot stew directly to the table with minimal effort.

Clean up/Storage: The same De La Terre dish that simplified cooking and looked great on the table then can go right into the fridge to be safely reheated the next day. For clean up, it’s dishwasher-safe with no hand washing requirement as with cast iron.

Freezer to Oven Flexibility: De La Terre can also handle very cold temperatures and go right to heat (oven, stovetop, or grill!) without issue. Prepare lasagna in advance and freeze until needed. When guests arrive, the frozen lasagna can go directly from freezer to the oven without the worry of a thermal shock breaking the dish. After dinner, leftovers can be refrigerated in the same dish they were cooked in, then microwaved later to serve again. Cast iron does not offer that kind of flexibility.

De La Terre

Safe for all foods 

The high heat glaze of De la Terre is naturally nonstick without Teflon or PTFE. Unlike other cookware, De la Terre is safe for high heat cooking with all types of food regardless of acidity levels.

De La Terre ceramic cookware

A Different Cooking Experience

De La Terre was made to be distinctly different from all other cookware by offering the at home chef a tool to tackle every dish with ease. No matter how complex or classic the recipe we are confident that De La Terre will get the job done.


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Oválná zapékací keramická mísa De La Terre 18 x 30 cm - Gril-Zahrada.cz
Oválná zapékací keramická mísa De La Terre 18 x 30 cm
1 290