Angus & Oink Tandoori, 200 g


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Tandoori BBQ Rub brings the colour of Indian to your Q, bright with fascinating vibrancy from the best ingredient we can source. From freshness in a pot comes rich aroma, pungency driving the senses wild with infinite salivations. Simply coat chicken for the oven or charcoal grill and you’ll be delighted with the savoury abundance, the astonishing colours and smells of the tandoor. Get your goat, you’ve pulled lamb to think of, wrapped in chapatis topped with onion salad and pomegranate seeds. Or mix with yogurt and smother lamb shoulder for a stay in the smoker or household appliance the call the oven. Ping ping get some tandoori spice on your bucket list.

Výrobce: Angus & Oink

Značky: Angus & Oink

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Angus & Oink Tandoori
Angus & Oink Tandoori, 200 g