Angus & Oink Seafood Lemon Pepper, 200 g


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Sofishticated Lemon pepper…see what we did there? This rub was developed to max your seafood with delicious lemon and citrus notes combined with complex herbs and rare pink pepper corns from Brazil!. A truly complex rub that delivers on many levels. Works with everything from Salmon to mackeral and shrimp, but this isn’t just for fish – it work amazingly well on chicken and for too!
Beautiful when made into a compound butter and melted over fish fillets. Add a shake to the inside of a whole fish or use through spaghetti with shrimp and clams to make the most beautiful Mediterranean dish!

Výrobce: Angus & Oink

Značky: Angus & Oink

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Angus & Oink Seafood Lemon Pepper
Angus & Oink Seafood Lemon Pepper, 200 g