Angus & Oink Mexican, 215 g


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This Mexican seasoning is deep, dark and furious. He’s looking to roast your meat for carnitas baby, after all it’s Juan you need him most he’s got your butt covered. Rich in eclectic Mexican flavours, his cloak of darkness envelopes and punches hard which lime, chipotle and ancho chilli. Smooth with cumin and oregano and sweet with tomato and orange. Cover your chicken in this powder and roast for shredding into tacos, add a squirt of lime juice and fresh salad for a flavour of Villahermosa. Roast pork shoulder with the dust of diablo and slice for mega cuban like sandwiches from Districto Federal or add some orange juice to your liquor and tomato for a Mexican Adobo stew from the Yucatan. Above all, tread carefully and carry a knife. You never know when you’ll need to eat tacos.

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Angus & Oink Mexican
Angus & Oink Mexican, 215 g